Fruita 8/9

Vision:  We are a dynamic, collaborative community who supports growth, achievement, innovation, creativity, and compassion. 

Mission:  To promote life-long learning and positive character development in a respectful environment.


       Fruita 8/9  2020-21 Strategic Goals:
     (Fruita 8/9 Unified Improvement Plan Strategies)

Major Improvement Strategy #1:  Mathematics
Add extended time, specific instructional practices, and ongoing formative to inform practice and to increase 8th grade mathematics growth.

Major Improvement Strategy #2:  English Language Arts
To increase 8th grade ELA growth using data analysis, Implementation of formative assessment strategies, specific instructional practices, guided practice, and targeted feedback during the planning and revision stages of selecting and using evidence while writing in response to nonfiction texts. 

Major Improvement Strategy #3: Disaggregated Groups

Implement responsive intervention strategies and procedures to meet subgroup targets.


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8th Grade Boys ABC Game Schedule

8th Grade Boys B2 Game Schedule




Wildcat Power Hour 

Starting Aug, 31st

Tues & Thurs : 3:15-4:15 p.m. 
Room 126 


Teacher Tutors to help with homework! 
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* Use a computer to finish projects
* Quiet place to work on assignments
* Catch up on missing work 

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