Fruita 8/9

Vision:  We are a dynamic, collaborative community who supports growth, achievement, innovation, creativity, and compassion. 

Mission:  To promote life-long learning and positive character development in a respectful environment.


       Fruita 8/9  2020-21 Strategic Goals:
     (Fruita 8/9 Unified Improvement Plan Strategies)

Major Improvement Strategy #1:  Mathematics
Add extended time, specific instructional practices, and ongoing formative to inform practice and to increase 8th grade mathematics growth.

Major Improvement Strategy #2:  English Language Arts
To increase 8th grade ELA growth using data analysis, Implementation of formative assessment strategies, specific instructional practices, guided practice, and targeted feedback during the planning and revision stages of selecting and using evidence while writing in response to nonfiction texts. 

Major Improvement Strategy #3: Disaggregated Groups

Implement responsive intervention strategies and procedures to meet subgroup targets.

Credit Recovery Info
We will be offering our own version of summer school for our 8th & 9th grade students at Fruita 8/9. 
If you are receiving this email your student is within the category at this time to attend. The dates and time for our summer school program are listed below with more information per grade level. 
There is not a transportation  option and no breakfast or lunch will be provided. Students may bring in their own snacks. 
We will be pulling a final list of grades on Monday afternoon after the students' final tests have been graded and entered into the system to know which students are needing  to attend summer school. 
We will contact you again on Tuesday to confirm if your student needs to attend. 
Covid protocols with masks will still be in place per our district requirements. 
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday =  May 26, 27 & 28 from 8:00am -12:00

9th Graders: 
This summer school program will be focused on 9th graders that are needing to credit recover any of their following content classes that were failed at the second semester. 
These class options include: Comp Lit, Creative Writing, Environmental Science, Global Studies, World History and Mythology. 
Algebra 1 needs to be a "C" grade in order to move on to upper math. 
9th graders only need to attend summer school long enough to turn in work that will improve their grade to earn their class credit. 
9th graders may also choose to attend the R5 Online Program or The Career Center in person program. 
This information can be found on our main website at the bottom of the page at the following link:
8th Graders

Focus will be on ELA, Math and Science. 

Students who received a D or F grade as a final grade in these classes will have these content teachers to work with them to improve their grade and work on missing skills to have  a solid foundation going into the 9th grade next year.  

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Finals Schedule 


  Tues & Thurs 3:15 - 4:15 p.m. 
Room 137 Wed- 7:00-8:00  a.m.  Modular B-1

WHAT- Teachers Tutors to help with homework
* Drop in to get help with your studies
* Use a computer to finish projects
* Quiet place to work on assignments
* Catch up on missing homework






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